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Airport & Aviation Services

Our airport services group provides a full range of airport planning services, including strategic airport master plans, business plans, feasibility studies, environmental investigations and assessments, traffic analyses and forecasts runway safety area studies, feasibility studies, airport property development, land use planning and analysis, airport layout plans, ceiling, visibility, and wind analysis, terminal requirements, community input analysis, airport management analysis, marketing program support, geographic information system (GIS) integration, construction management and inspections.

These and other key airport services are available on a project or specialty basis or as a turnkey solution.

We represent an international team of aircraft systems integration and modification companies that perform airframe, interior and avionics upgrades, repairs, retrofits, installations, and airworthiness certifications on a broad range of aircraft including VVIP & Head of State, commercial, civil, general aviation, military and special mission aircraft, and rotary wing aircraft.  Our clients comprise an industry leading team who provide certification and engineering services to aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines, aircraft operators, modification shops, and military customers worldwide.  Our team has the experience and expertise to deliver aircraft engineering design and certification services, Supplemental Type Certificates (STC), aero-performance analyses, CFD services, CAD/CAM expertise, avionics kits, and full service on-site aircraft modification services including most major cockpit and cabin avionics equipment.

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