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Electric Power Equipment & Systems

Wide Range of High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Equipment and Components.  Custom engineered and designed systems for all specialty needs.  One-Off Solutions up to 1200 kilovolts AC and 1100 kilovolts DC.  State-of-the-art onshore/ offshore systems from topside to underwater to support everything from drilling, extraction and storage equipment to platform and processing facilities. 

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Power & Auto Transformers, Reactors, Flexible Integrated Transformer (FIT) Solution, Current Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, HVDC Converter Transformers, Railway Traction Transformers, Cast Coil Transformers, Distribution Transformers – Pole, Padmount, Substation, Network Transformers, Voltage Regulators

Gas Insulated Switchgear

GIS for 72.5 – 1200kV, Hybrid Switchgear, Integrated GIS for 145 – 550 kV, SF6 Leak Detection and Location Equipment

Air-insulated switchgear (AIS)

Up To 1200 kV Including Live Tank Circuit Breakers (LTB), Dead Tank Circuit Breakers (DTB), Instrument Transformers, Disconnectors, Surge Arresters, Monitoring and Controlled Switching

Circuit Breakers

Up to 1200 kV Live Tank Circuit Breakers, Dead Tank Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting Circuit Breaker (DCB), Generator circuit-breakers (GCB)

High Voltage Disconnect Switches

Center Break, Double End Break, Vertical Pantograph, Double Arm Vertical Pantograph

HV/MV Transmission Solutions

Current Transformers & Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CTs & CVTs)


High Voltage Capacitor Units, Substation Stack Rack & Pole Top Equipment, Low Voltage Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filters, Metal Enclosed & Harmonic Filters, Industrial Capacitors, Induction Heating and Melting capacitors, DC Link and Pulse Capacitors, HV 3-phase power capacitor units, HV 1-phase power capacitor units, HV special capacitor units, HV 1-phase surge protection capacitor units, HV 1-phase induction heating installation capacitor units, high voltage surge protection capacitor units

Surge Arresters

ANSI Surge Arresters, metal oxide arrester, Polymer/Porcelain Station & Intermediate Class IEEE/ANSI C62.11 surge arresters for distribution and EHV up to 612k applications, station class arresters, transmission line arresters, surge counters, cable sheath surge arresters


Insulators for AC and DC Applications, Solid Core Post Insulators, Full range of porcelain and polymer housed IEC rated insulators for AC and DC transmission, substation, and distribution applications, hollow-core composite insulators, suspension-tension insulators, disc insulators: glass and porcelain, station-post composite insulator

High Voltage Cables

High Voltage Cables 2kV and above, Single Conductor Low Voltage Cables to 2kV, Instrumentation Cable, Special Purpose Cables and Products, Transportation Wire and Cables, Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes, Cable Glands

Substation Connectors

Clamps, Connectors and Insulators Strings for HVAC & HVDC Applications Up To 1200 kV, Earthing and Grounding

Cable Systems and Building Wire

State-of-the-art onshore/offshore cable systems to support everything from drilling, extraction and storage equipment to platform and processing facilities.  Wide variety of low voltage industrial power cables.  Both copper and aluminum building wire for use inside commercial and industrial facilities, specializing in large size wire but also also carry a range of circuit size products.

Solar Energy Systems and Equipment

Wide range of solar solutions for utilities, municipalities, oil and gas industry and other industrial complexes — from small-to-midsized businesses to global enterprises including ground mount, rooftop, carport, tracking and integrated storage solutions to power Telemetry and SCADA systems, Instrumentation and obstruction lighting, Construction site and surveillance lighting, Water pumping, level monitoring and pump control, Telecommunications applications, Remote research facility operations, Traffic signals and lighting for roads and carpark, Power for cathodic protection systems and many other uses.

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