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HVAC & Refrigeration

SGI provides an extended line of marine equipment, material, parts and services drawing on industry engineers, engineering firms, consultants, equipment manufacturers and vessel builders to permit quick resolution of equipment and material needs for new and replacement Marine systems and components.

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Boats and Boat Equipment

Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT), Anchor Handling Supply Tugs (AHTS), supply transporters, platform supply vessels (PSV), specialized offshore boats, service vessels, crew boats, life boats and rescue boats including all ancillary systems, equipment and accessories such as boat landing systems, boat handling equipment, engines, personal flotation devices and many other boat and offshore equipments. 

Boilers, Auxiliary Gears, Shaftings, Propulsion Devices

Marine Steam Boilers, Marine Filters, Air Conditioning Equipment, Plumbing Equipment, Marine Desalination and Heat-Exchange Plants, Shaftings, Controllable-Pitch Propellers, Rotating-Blade and Water-Jet Propulsions, Fixed-Blade Propellers, Propellers, Rudders and Appurtenances

Cargo Handling Equipment

Cargo Cranes for General Cargo Ships, Hatch Covers for General Cargo Ships, Movable Bulkheads


Marine Satellite Radios, Radio Telephone, VHF Radios, Base Stations, Handheld Radios, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Intra-Ship Communication (Hardwire and Wireless Intercoms) and Alarm, Headsets, CATV, Telephony, Broadband, Data Networks, Wireless Broadband, Mobile Radios


Air cooled compressors, Screw compressors, Water cooled compressors, Breathing air compressors, Air dryers and filters

Computer systems and Displays

Professional Marine Computers and Displays, Instruments, Recorders, Peripherals, Software, Accessories, Waterproof Paper

Deck Machinery & Handling Equipment

Deck Cranes, Cargo Cranes for Container Ships, Multi Deck Handlers (MDH), Cargo Rail Cranes, Chain Wheel Manipulator, Anchor Handling / Towing Winches, A-Frames, Capstans, Chain Pulling Winches, Electric and Hydraulic Deck Machinery, Anchor Windlass / Mooring Winches, Secondary Winches, Sternrollers, Tugger Winches, Winch Chair, Bulk Handling Equipment, Anchor, Boat-Handling, Salvage, Cargo, Mast and Steering Devices, Rigs, Mooring-Tug Devices, Life Lines, and Awning Arrangements, Vertical and Horizontal Windlasses, Marine Steering Engines, Winches, Cranes, Marine Conveyors, Special Marine Units, Boat Units, Equipment and Supply, Marine Supply, Production and Fittings Of Hydraulic Marine Systems, Blocks, Cleats, Rudder & Tiller, Deck Hardware, Spars & Rigging, Shackles & Hooks and Accessories

Diesel Engines and Generators

Doors and Hatch Covers

Access Doors for ROV, Bow Doors, Bulkhead Doors, Front Door, Inner Bow Doors, Shell Doors, Stern Doors, Shore Power Connection Access Door, Hatch Covers For Container Ships, Lashing Bridges, Top Lashing Bridges, Lashing Systems, Lashing Software

Electrical and Electronic Equipment & Batteries

Marine Electric Distribution Units, Marine Electric Power Plants and Connecting Devices, Marine Lighting Facilities, Marine Electroheat Equipment, Marine Electric Fans, Entertainment Systems

Fire, Rescue, Safety Equipment (FRS)

Flotation Devices

Beads for Marine hoses, etc.


Diesel generators, Turbine generators, etc.


Hoses for Marine oil (all grades), Oil hoses for tanker loading and dockside, etc.

Hull fittings

Marine illuminators, Marine doors, Marine covers, hatches, and access holes, Marine fixed staircases, Marine closing appliances and hatch drives, Small-sized hull fittings, Hatch cover components; Hydraulics: Cylinders, Motors, Pump units, Valves; Sealings: C gasket, Cat profile, FlexSeal, Omega, Omega Lite, Sponge; Hatch cover load transmission: Fixpad, Flexipad, Lubripad, Polypad, Steelpad, Unipad;  Hatch cover weathertightness, Hydraulic folding hatch covers, Lift-away hatch covers, Cleating, Location and fixing of covers, Piggy-back hatch covers, Side-rolling hatch covers, Stacking hatch covers, Tweendeck hatch covers, Consoles and pockets, Lift-away, Panel lifter, etc.

Industrial Kitchen, Galley Laundry and Crew Quarters

Coffee Makers, Ice Machines, Dishwashers, Deep Fryers, Galley Ovens, Ice Cream Machines, Laundry Equipment, Cooking Ranges, Galley Refrigerators, Water Coolers & Heaters, Juice Dispensers

Lifting/Loading Platforms and Systems

Liftable decks, Car decks, Hoistable car decks

Mooring and Loading Systems – Offshore and Subsea

Deck machinery, safe chain stops, steering gear, Semi proportional control systems, Spare parts for steering gear, Brake test kit, Mooring winches, Dual chain winch, Fairlead chain stopper, Fairleads

Offshore cranes:  Offshore AHC cranes, Semi-electric AHC cranes, 3-axis motion compensation cranes, Pipe and Riser handling cranes; Shipboard cranes, A-frames, Module handling systems, Deck-skid systems

Launch and recovery systems:  Deck / skid-mounted overside LARS, Overhead-mounted overside LARS, Portable containerized LARS, Bow loading systems, Offloading systems, Offshore loading, Extended envelope offloading, LNG Offshore tandem, LNG Offshore Side by Side

Navigation and Docking Electronics

Radar and Sonar Devices, Ship-Board Navigation Equipment, Compass Systems, GPS & Satellite Navigation Equipment, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Buoys, Helideck, Lanterns, Monitor & Control, Power Sources & Electronic Aids, Auto-Pilot, Marine Control Devices and Training Machines, Ships and Gears Control Systems, Marine Propulsion Control Systems and Devices, Marine Systems and Equipment for Main Engines and Installations Remote Automated Control, Marine Systems and Equipment for Auxiliary Gears, Installations and Devices for Remote Automated Control, Electric-Installation Production

Pipes and Valves

All Types

Pneumatic Fenders

Port and Terminal Equipment

Linkspans and Shore Ramps, Passenger Gangways, RoRo Pontoon Linkspans, Marine Loading Arms, Ambient Marine Loading Arms, Cryogenic Marine Loading Arms, Swivels and Skid Modules/QEHS, Water Taxi Terminals

Power Cables – Submarine

Submarine Power Cables of All Types Including 5 KV thru 35 KV, Cable,69 KV thru 115 KV


Bow ramp/door, Hoistable ramps, Internal access ramp, Quarter ramp/door, Ramp covers, Shore ramps, Side ramp, Slewing stern ramp, Stern ramp/door, Submersible stern ramp (gate), Tilting ramp, Stern platforms, Ramp covers

Remote Mechanical Valve Operation Equipment

Universal Joints, Flexible Shafts, Gear Boxes, Deck Stands, etc.

Rescue and work-boat davits

Ropes, Lines and Chains

Marine hawser, Pickup ropes, Wire Rope Slings, Stud Link, Chins, Chain Supports, etc.

Spare Parts

Genuine, OEM or alternative parts

Steering gears

Piston type, RAM Type, Rotary vane

Tank ventilation fans

Tools and Other Workshop Equipment

Research and laboratory equipment, Equipment for non-destructive testing, Prefabricated and relocatable buildings, Rescue equipment, Safety devices, Fire protection devices, Environmental protection equipment, Cleaning equipment, Cargo hold cleaning equipment, High pressure cleaning Equipment, Welding equipment, Heat transfer equipment, Corrosion protection equipment, Repairing tools, Special non-standard equipment, Gas distribution station

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