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Pipelines & Pipeline Equipment

SGI offers a wide range of  piping, pipeline equipment, systems, tools, accessories and other pipeline products for onshore and offshore applications including products for subsea pipeline systems, gathering systems, oil and gas transmission pipelines, marine pipelines and process plants, among others.  The SGI product range includes fabricated skid packages, custom fabrication, filter separators, cartridge filters, strainers, quick opening closures, pig traps, automatic pig triggers, infield piping repairs, corrosion protection and many other pipeline products and technologies.

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SGI suppliers include manufacturers of carbon, stainless, and alloy piping products and specialty fabrication services and can perform pipeline replacement, sleeving, reconditioning and any other supporting work, including excavation of pipelines, shoring, unwrapping and cleaning of pipelines for inspection, cutting and installation of pipelines and pipe supports, beveling, welding, sand/grit/garnet blasting, priming, coating/wrapping, installation of pipe fittings, concrete, and asphalt, dewatering, sand removal, backfilling, berming and stabilizing areas to their normal condition.

Pipeline Coatings, Repairs, Remediation and Corrosion Protection

Broad range of high performance pinhole leak repair kits, clamps, fusion bonded epoxy coatings, liquid epoxy and polyurethane coatings to provide a total pipeline repair and corrosion protection solution with a variety of functional pipe coatings for both internal and external use, as well as in-the-field rehabilitation applications for girthweld/field joint coatings.  Broad range of oil and gas products to help maintain pipeline integrity and protect valuable equipment and personnel – even under extreme pressures, temperatures and environmental conditions.

Corrosion Control, Protection and Rehabilitation

SGI offers a full spectrum of NACE-compliant corrosion control, protection, remediation and rehabilitation products for the oil and gas industry including the latest technologies with fusion bonded epoxy and liquid epoxy coatings designed for optimum pipeline corrosion protection and pipeline rehabilitation in the harshest environments.

  • Sacrificial Anodes: Linear Anodes, zinc ribbon (zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys)

  • Corrosion monitoring systems:Electrical resistance (ER) and linear polarization resistance (LPR)

  • Cathodic Protection Testers

  • Coatings:Liquid urethane, Epoxy/urethane, hard Epoxy coatings

  • Thermal sprays

  • Phosphate conversion coatings

  • Zinc primers

  • AC mitigation

  • Cathodic protection wire and cables

  • All new and emerging technologies in corrosion protection and remediation

Pinhole Leak Repair and Pipeline Rehabilitation

  • Wide range of in-field pipe repair systems that fixes cracks and leaks in carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, copper, galvanized, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, polyethylene, polypropylene, fiberglass and other pipes that can be used almost anywhere – including underwater and in chemical and military facilities – to repair oil & gas, chemical, steam, process and water lines.

  • Epoxy Leak Sealants:Repairs pipeline cracks and leaks and reinforce diminished pipe walls that can remediate pipelines and handle working pressures up to 2,000 psi in as little as four hours.

  • Leak Sealant Products:Carbon fiber composite repair systems designed for applications where localized repair is needed or full pipe wraps are impractical to quickly restore operations for storage tanks, floating lids, vessels and large-diameter pipes operating at pressures up to 1,000 psi, and provides localized corrosion inhibition.

  • Pipe Leak Control Kits: Designed to quickly respond to leaks in straight runs of piping. Simply snap the clamp around the pipe, drop bolt head through open-slotted lug, and tighten nuts. Versatile clamps respond to water, wastewater, fuel, chemical, air, oil and gas leaks.

  • Riser Rehabilitation Kits: Strengthen the structural integrity of the riser nipple, or riser casing on non-leaking 3/4” and 1” standard anodeless risers with a strong knitted fiberglass tape coated with fast setting, water-activated urethane resins that sets rock hard in 20 minutes

  • Pipe Repair Clamps:  Conform to most irregular surfaces and controls most pressures with simple hand-tightening. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gasket on stainless steel clamps provides can also be combined to fit pipes with larger diameters.

Polyurethane Products

SGI has a wide selection of polyurethane elastomer products and materials with excellent chemical formulations and physical properties suitable for all operating and environmental conditions found in the oil and gas industry including:

  • Variety of hardness selections

  • Exceptional cut and tear resistance

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance

  • Superb load bearing capabilities

  • Broad operating/temperature range

All polyurethane products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 and the Oil and Gas Industries Quality Management Standard, ISO/TS29001:2003.

J-Tube Seals

Diverless and diver-installed J-Tube seals are available to seal the gap between the inside of the J-Tube and the riser where corrosion inhibitors may have been added and to be effective this needs to be sealed in.

Laydown Heads

Laydown heads are used during pipeline installation and pre-commissioning to allow flooding, cleaning and gauging of subsea pipelines.  SGI provides total design and fabrication of custom laydown heads to significantly reduce time spent on flooding and hydrotesting pipelines.

Pigging Tools

SGI manufactures and supplies pipeline pigs for use in the oil, gas and process industries.  We have a wide range of stock pigging tools and custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of pipeline operators and maintainers that will perform an/or support debris removal, wax removal, black powder removal, ferrous debris removal, condensate removal, inhibitor/chemical batching, product separation and other vital pipeline maintenance functions, including:

  • Metal Bodied Pigging Tools

  • Foam Pigging Tools

  • Solid Cast Pigging Tools

  • Spheres


A full range of pig spares are also available to supplement our pigging tools and support pigging operations:

  • Bumper Noses

  • Spring Arms

  • Metal Bodies

Pig Handling Equipment

Standard or custom-built pig trolleys and cranes ranging from basic trays to assist manual pig handling for small diameter pigging tools and fully adjustable trays with manual or pneumatic/hydraulic winches for larger diameter pigging tools that reduce risk and ensure damage free handling of both utility pigging tools and high value inspection pigs.  SGI pig trolley features include:

  • Robust construction

  • Hydraulic height adjustment

  • Safety locking mechanisms

  • Polyurethane lined cradle

  • Galvanized winch rope and shackles

  • Fixed or rail mounted

Pig Launchers & Receivers (PLR)

SGI has a broad selection of pig launchers and receivers from 2" to 60" designed with operating pressures up to 400 bar in a range of materials including low strength carbon steel, high strength carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and carbon steel internally clad with corrosion resistant inconel materials.

PLRs are available for standard pipeline designs or they can be designed/fabricated to meet stated pipeline requirements where special operational requirements dictate multiple valve operation, automatic/ manually operated pig and sphere release systems, or integrated skid mounted packages.

Our PLRs can also be designed to accommodate specialty pigging tools including simple barrel pig launchers and receivers through to complete skid mounted units with associated equipment including actuated valves, quick opening closures, instrumentation, pig signalers and control systems suitable for onshore, offshore and subsea pipelines and can be designed/fabricated to pipeline and vessel design codes, as required:

  • ASME U Stamp Division 1 & 2


  • BS 5500

  • ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.


Automatic Pig Launching System

Allows a series of pigs to be automatically launched into a pipeline from a pig launcher at operator controlled intervals while minimizing the number of times a pig trap door has to be accessed.  The system can be used on unmanned platforms, isolated pig launching sites, subsea pigging sites, regularly pigged pipelines and with existing pig launchers.

Pig Signalers

Pig signalers provide confirmation of pig movement through a pipeline and usually positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at key points along a pipeline.

SGI offers a range of signalers in various complexities and modular configurations, most with simple low-cost designs and parts interchangeability including boss-mounted, flange-mounted and valve-mounted signalers designed for ease of operation, installation and maintenance.  Signalers are available with the following features:

  • Adapts to most existing signaler bosses

  • Accommodates all pipelines over 2" OD

  • Mechanical/visual/electrical indicators

  • No dynamic seals

  • Adapts to existing hot tapping systems

  • Bi/omni-directional trigger mechanism

  • Adaptable to most pigs


Quick Opening Closures

SGI provides a full line of pressure retaining structures that provide quick actuating/ access to pipelines and pressure vessels that can be used in horizontal, vertical, inclined or declined applications and readily available and/or custom-designed and fabricated to the required international pipeline design codes, including:

  • ASME VIII Div.1.

  • ASME VIII Div. 2

  • ASME U and U2 code stamps


Sphere Release Fingers/Mechanisms

SGI provides sphere release mechanisms that can be manually or power operated and generally suitable for sphere sizes 4" to 54" suitable for gas gathering systems, oil and gas transmission, and marine pipelines.  The release mechanism design incorporates a release pin/finger or a flap arrangement that can enables sphere launchers to launch spheres without opening the launcher.

The launching vessel can be designed to contain individual or multiple spheres where the launch is controlled by the release pins or flaps.  Sphere release mechanisms generally form part of an integrated sphere launcher or receiver and are usually designed to order.


Barred tees and sphere tees are available from SGI with capacity ranges from 2" to 54", ANSI Ratings 150 to 2500 and API, using carbon, stainless and alloy steel materials.  The tees are used in pig launchers/ receiver systems and/or at branches in the pipeline to ensure the safe passage of a pig or sphere past the open branch area.

Piggable barred tees incorporate simple bar sections welded across the pipeline tee branch to allow a pig to negotiate the branch opening and are manufactured to specific customer project specifications and international pressure vessel and piping codes such as ASME, PD5500.  Tees can also be supplied for sour service environments, where we NACE compliance and corrosion tested (HIC/SSCC) materials are provided.

Pipe Supports

Economy pipe supports, heavy duty supports

Flange Weld Testers

Extensive range of flange weld test equipment designed and manufactured for the oil gas and process industries to carry out localized pressure testing of welded pipe components

Internal Joint Testers

Wide range of internal joint test equipment designed for the oil gas and process industries to support pressure testing of welded pipe components

Pipeline skid packages and Accessories

Packaged pump systems, portable pigging, surveying, hardwood, etc.

Miscellaneous Pipeline Products

  • Sleeves:  Epoxy coated stainless steel carbon sleeves, tapping sleeves

  • Filtration / Separation equipment

  • Casing specers

  • Insulation kits

  • Powercrete kits

  • Polyken tape

  • Test stations, line markers, flat markers

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