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Skid Mounted Systems

We offer a wide range of modular skid-mounted systems for Onshore and Offshore applications including liquid and gas process systems customized and fully optimized to “plug n play” in plant process flows; deck skid systems, launch and recovery systems; waste management systems; firewater pump skids, among others.

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Chemical Injection Skids

Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, H2S Scavenger, Oxygen Scavenger, Methanol, Biocide, Demulsifier, Neutralizer.  Flocculent Dosing Systems, Coagulant Injection Skids, Caustic Injection Skids, Acid Injection Skids, Antiscalant Injection Skids, Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) Injection Skids, Chlorine Scavenger Injection Skids, Biocide Injection Skids, Antimicrobial Agent Injection Skids, Oxygen Scavenger Injection Skids, MEG/Methanol Injection Skids, Demulsifier Injection Skids, Perfural Dosing Systems, Marking Dosing Systems, Blue Dye Dosing Systems, etc., including tanks, pumps, motors, valves, control panels, heat exchangers, instruments and related auxiliaries in support of NOx reduction for air quality, fuel gas conditioning, vapor recovery, electric process heating, chemical injection, heavy coker gas oil filtration, etc.

Demulsifier Injection Skids

Demulsifier injection pumps, stainless steel 316L storage tanks, pressure vessels, pulsation dampeners, valves, remote controls, control panels, injection quills, carbon steel skid and other valves, instrumentation and accessories

Metering Skids & Systems

Skid Mounted Chemical Metering Systems, Boiler Chemical Metering System, Polyelectrolyte Metering Systems, Flocculent Metering System, Ferrous Sulphite Metering System, Chlorine Metering System and others

Skid-Mounted pH Adjustment Systems

Batch mode systems, Concentrated mode systems, Continuous mode systems, including tanks, level controls, valves, metering pumps, and system enclosures and pH controllers, alarm systems, etc.

Skid-Mounted Loading and UnLoading Systems

Pumps, Flow-meters/sensors and instrumentation for fully or partially automated packages.  Complete systems that can be linked with data systems, PLC/Flow Computer or batch controller, Inlet and outlet Isolation ball/gate valves, Back flow preventer, Basket in-line strainers, Pressure differential indicators, Flow meters, Digital flow control valves, External pilot control loop NO/NC solenoids, Strainers and opening/closing speed controls, Pressure safety/thermal relief valves, Pressure indicators, Static ground monitoring, Drain connections, System rated for NEC500 area classification, ATEX & other area classifications

Skid-Mounted coiled tubing units

Hazardous Area Classification, Exhaust gas-cooling system with integral flame traps, Certified lifting frames, Containerized / Sound Attenuation, Gas Detection Systems, Explosion-Proof Wiring

Wash Water Pump Skids

Gas operated double diaphragm pump, pulsation dampener, pressure gauges, safety valve, control valve and other instruments

Intervention Umbilical Reel Skids

Reel, Umbilical, Umbilical Electrical Terminators, Deck Cable

Skid Mounted Industrial Air Compressors

Single- and two-stage pumps, ASME-certified air tanks, Heavy-duty cast-iron compressor pumps, Large flywheels, Directional air shrouds, Splash lubrication system, Air tools and accessories

Offshore Skid Systems

Deck Skid Systems

Deck / skid-mounted overside Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), Hydraulically driven tractor units, Pallets, Full deck rail arrangement

Skid-Mounted Waste Management Systems

Solid waste management systems including dry waste, food waste handling systems for rigs, platforms, support vessels and special vessels

Skid-Mounted Offshore Fracturing Pumps

Independent operation or seawater-cooled configurations, Triplex or quintuplex pump, Intelligent Pump Control, Cold weather packages

Skid-Mounted Fire Water Pumps

Centrifugal pump, or combined centrifugal + submersible design system, various capacity pumps, discharge pressures to match fire water system network, diesel engines, diesel tank, complete instrumentation and control panel, hoses, etc

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